The mission of the International Coleman Collectors Club, or “ICCC” for short, is to promote interest in the hobby of collecting, restoring and preserving vintage Coleman products by pooling together as much information as possible to assist Coleman collectors, and to make Collecting Coleman an enjoyable experience.

The ICCC is a great place to meet new friends, share information and establish life long friendships. Collecting Coleman items has become a rewarding experience for the young and young at heart. Our members are from all walks of life and they come from all around the world.

You will find a wealth of information on our site here;

  • how to contact our very active community of members that meets regularly
  • documents and data covering Coleman Lanterns, Lamps and Irons
  • you can even become a member yourself of the ICCC by joining on line and receive all the benefits of membership, including access to member-only content on the site



Click to view more about the book“Guide to Vintage Coleman Products 1900 – 1983”

This is the definitive Coleman collectors book produced by the ICCC and is full of extremely detailed information.
The book is a “must” for all Coleman collectors and enthusiasts. The information in the book was garnered from the members of the International Coleman Collectors Club. Literally thousands of hours of research have gone into this publication.

Click HERE or on the book to the right to find out more about it and how to order.

So find out how the “The Sunshine of the Night” can brighten your day! Everyone is welcome, please bring a lantern and join us!