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ICCC Convention Registration Form (2023)
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WEDNESDAY, The EARLY BIRD BBQ at the Western Development Museum. Meal is - Quarter pound burger, corn on the cob, oven roast potatoes, baked beans, creamy garden coleslaw, tossed salad with assorted dressings, coffee and tea with assorted desserts. *** Please note the BBQ must be paid for no later than May 26 2023, no exceptions! ***
FRIDAY, Banquet at the World Trade Centre/Prairieland Park Hall A. Dinner will be buffet style with choice of: crusted roast beef dinner prepared with our signature blend of spices complimented with homemade pan gravy and a mild horseradish OR charbroiled chicken breast tender and juicy chicken served with greek and feta marinade. Also served with oven roast potatoes, chef’s choice of hot vegetable, caesar salad, greek salad, potato salad, marinated vegetable salad, tossed salad, and an assortment of danties and squares for dessert.
Children aged 3 - 10 years old