Lantern, Stove and Iron Model Year Sequence Records

Web Note: The following information was provided by the ICCC Historian, Mr. Herb Ebendorf in his 1987 listing titled “The Coleman Lanterns in Chronological Order.” It is shown here with his permission and he would like to add that the listings are under continuous review. Fluorescent Battery lanterns have been omitted. Other Kerosene Lanterns, Propane & Butane Lanterns, and Irons Listed below are model designation for lanterns made by Coleman between 1914 and 1986. Included are lanterns made by Coleman for two of its early subsidiaries, Yale Light Co., Chicago, and the Sunshine Safety Light Col, Kansas City, Missouri. Coleman also produced lanterns for several other companies, including Sears, Roebuck and Co. Existing records do not detail these special production runs for listing marked with an asterisk (*). Some kerosene (paraffin) lanterns also may have been included in this group.-Herb W. Ebendorf, Company Historian.

List “By Model”

List “By Year”