The ICCC is delighted to feature some insightful and delightful “stove-centric” articles from our very own John Stendahl (ICCC #962). 

It is in the works to add a few more of these write-ups at a semi-irregular basis, so check back often for new additions to the series.



The Coleman U.S. #10 Gypsy stove was made from 1927-33. It was a a low-priced alternative to the deluxe #2 (with oven) and #9 (without oven) stoves. The Gypsy retailed for $6 in 1933, as opposed to the #9 at $9, and the #2 at $12. With many unusual features, the Gypsy is a very unique Coleman stove.  (click on the photo below for the full article)



The Coleman Model 395 Hotplate was advertised as a “Fine universal cooking unit for camps, cabins, lunch stands, boat galleys, laundries, summer kitchens, cottages, as auxiliary cook stoves in homes.” This large, three burner Hot Plate was in Coleman catalogs from 1939 through 1950, although hardware ads show this model being available into the mid-’50’s. (click on the photo below for the full article)



The Basford #6 is a deluxe camp stove. Features include extra large size (almost as large as a Coleman #413), a warming shelf inside a large wrap-around wind screen, an “oversized” 2 pint fuel tank, extra heavy metal and a pressure gauge. Long locking legs put it at a comfortable height on a picnic table. Weighing in at 25 lbs, this is a very solid stove. (click on the photo below for the full article)



Coleman Model 5410-700 Propane Camp Stove – 1969-71
Coleman had been making LP gas-cartridge powered gas picnic stoves since 1957, but this was Coleman’s first proper folding propane camp stove. Referred to in the 1969 catalog as the “Coleman propane Super Stove”, it was the centerpiece of a color-matched two-tone green set of stove, lantern and fuel tank. The lantern was the LP cartridge powered 5122-700, and the fuel tank was the 10 pound model 5410-750 refillable propane bottle, now commonly referred to as the “bomb”. (click on the photo below for the full article)



Prentiss Wabers Model No. P4521 
The PreWay No. P4521 is one of a series of stoves made by the Prentiss Wabers Products Company of Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin in the mid to late 1940’s. The P4521, commonly referred to as “The Wedge”, is a compact stove, perfect for slinging behind the seat of a truck. It’s about the equivalent of a Coleman 425 model, but even smaller. (click on the photo below for the full article



Coleman Model 3F

Introduced (likely in late 1934) for the 1935 model year, the model 3F stove was Coleman’s first full-size two-burner stove.  (click on the photo below for the full article)

Coleman 3F


Introduced (likely in late 1933) for the 1934 model year, the model 6F stove was Coleman’s smaller-sized replacement for the Model 10 Gypsy two-burner stove. (click on the photo below for the full article)

Coleman 6F