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a. CHECK/MONEY ORDER: If you wish to pay by check or money order then **print out** and mail the Confirmation Email along with the completed check/MO payable to “ICCC Inc.” to the address given in email, or

b. PAYPAL: If you wish to use PayPal, then select the correct membership option below and use the button to go to PayPal and complete the process. Be sure to check your PayPal name and address is where you want the membership details to be sent. Then forward the Confirmation Email to the ICCC Secretary with a note that you have paid via PayPal.

In case you are simply updating your contact details, then please forward the Confirmation Email to the ICCC Secretary with any other information you would like to let us know. Be sure to have entered your membership number!

If you have just joined the ICCC you will be contacted by us within a week and receive the access password to the member areas. Your documents will follow in the mail.

When you are on the PayPal checkout page, please double check your mailing address on the “Review your information” page, and use the “Add special instructions;” box of the PayPal form to show us your preferred email address if it is different than the address on file with PayPal.

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