The ‘Coleman Light’ is the members’ newsletter written and published three times per year by the ICCC. It contains information on the activities of the club, as well as articles about (and by) members covering interesting Coleman items and facts. It also provides an update on recent gatherings, and highlights the upcoming conventions and meetings.

As a member of the ICCC you will gain access to the ‘Coleman Light’ archive in the ICCC Member Area which contains all the issues right back to 1982.

If you want to write an article for us, then we’d be delighted to hear from you! Please email the Editor with your ideas (email also found on Contact Us page), thanks!

In case you are not a member (yet!) and want a taste of this excellent publication, we are pleased to provide a free sample copy of the March 2012 “Special Edition” marking the 20th annual gathering of the ICCC. Just click on the cover image and enjoying reading the PDF.